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What is Social Media Marketing? And why its Important?

Promoting your business, products or services with the help of social media platforms is called social media marketing. One you…

3 months ago

Inclusion of Social Media Simulators in Teaching

Inclusion of a social media simulation tool has enhanced the learning and engagement of students in the class. A case…

6 months ago

What is Fake Tweet Generator?

Fake Tweet Generator is a simulator that simulates Twitter tweet. A simulation is the re-creation of a real world process…

7 months ago

Positive Impact of Social Media on Health of youth – SM effect on Youth

Usage of social media has been increase enormously since last few decades. People of different age groups started spending their…

1 year ago

Effects of Social Media on Mental Health – Social Media Effect on Health

Since 21st century started, people started spending their most of free time on social media. And today if we take…

1 year ago

How much time one spend on social media per day? About more than 4 hours

As era is changing and world has become a global village. Today we are living in a village which became…

3 years ago

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