Frequently ask questions

What is Zeoob?

Zeoob.com is a collection of educational tools, where you can train your marketing staff or teach your students by using our social media simulators by generating dummy content for digital marketing.

How can Zeoob help me?

If you are a teacher or trainer then you can use Zeoob Simulators to train or educate your students by generating fictional content instead of directly using social media accounts.

Is Zeoob free to use?

Yes all social media simulators at Zeoob.com are free to use.

Is there any terms while using Zeoob Simulators?

Yes while using Zeoob simulators, you must follow and agree our terms and conditions. You must agree that you will use simulators only for educational purpose and will not generate any content that is misleading, harmful or dis-information. For further details read terms.

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