Generate Fake Fb post, comments – Fake Facebook Post Generator

Build your own Fake Facebook Post with comments with our best fake Facebook Post Generator and prank your friends. This generator provides you the best mock facebook post/status with comments facility. You can change ANYTHING, use emoticons and even upload your own profile photos for post and comments. This generator is in no way associated with Facebook. All graphical material is protected by the copyright owner. May only be used for personal use.

Note: Make the post like you want then click on "Save it" button to save your generated status/post.After some time two more buttons will show up under the “save it” button.One button will share the post to your profile directly other will save and download your status/post as an image on your computer.

Use {{LINK}} to simulate link

Zeoob is with XYZ at Haveli 42 Restaurant Rooftop Liberty.
Yesterday at 4:45am.
Omg, is it real? Start building your own. Get you car Insurance in California.

Use Fake Facebook Post and status with comments for Schools

Teachers can create fictional Facebook Posts with comments. Students could be asked by teachers;
  • What are the most important people in this post?
  • What was their most important moment within the post?
  • What particular keywords would they use within their comment?
  • What hashtag could they maybe use at the end of the message?