Terms and Conditions

You need to strictly follow these TOCs in order to use zeoob.

  • All tools are created just for fun and pranks.
  • Never use any of these tools to cheat someone or hurt someone.
  • Zeoob and its team will be no responsible of misuse of any of the tool and its consequences to you.
  • Use any of zeoob tools at your own risk.
  • Zeoob will take action if someone found to misuse any of our tool to hurt someone.
  • Zeoob can collect visitor details to keep platform safe from ill bodies which may or can hurt others.
  • We are using Google Adsense which can collect each visitor information according to their own terms & conditions.
  • Any violence or misuse of our tools can bring you under law so be careful and don’t misuse it.
  • Zeoob is authorized to update its TOCs at any time even without notifying the end users.