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Hi, I am looking for a college with online classes.
Hello, yes I know a college with online classes, that will can teach you online classes meme.
Fake instagram chat

Digital content marketing has been never easy. A decade ago, this term was not in discussion. But as of today its very common and without digital content marketing, any business can survive. So marketing department need to move to digital platforms. But to train their staff they can not put them in real environment by investing money on advertisement. So zeoob provides social media simulators, which you can use to train your staff and students by creating marketing content without actually positing on social media. Make a fake instagram Chat(dm)  and generate digital marketing content by our instagram direct message generator .
Upload profile picture , write as many chat messages as you like to the instagram chat and astonish your friends.

Note: Make the chat like you want then click on "Save it" button to save your generated instagram chat).After some time two more buttons will show up under the “save it” button.(Picture uploading can take some time so be patient and wait for the share buttons to appear under save it button for some time)
One button will share the post to your profile directly other will save and download your chat(dm) as an image on your computer(offline).

As of pendamic created by COVID-19, teachers of college with online classes can make chats that can be used online classes for teaching students.

Use Instagram chat(dm) for Schools & college with online classes

Teachers can create fictional Instagram chats. Students could be asked by teachers;
  • What are the most important people in this chat?
  • What was their most important moment within the chat?
  • What hashtag could they maybe use at the end of the message?

How to create custom Instagram messages online?

Create Instagram messages chat and mimc social media digital marketing content.

Steps to follow:

  1. Enter message receiver name.
  2. Check-box, if you want to hide/show header of chat, which includes name and profile picture of message receiver person
  3. Check-box, if you want to hide/show Instagram messenger buttons at the bottom.
  4. Person 1, which is message receiver, whom you wanna send sms
  5. Upload profile picture of the person, whom you wanna send sms
  6. Type your message in the chat box
  7. Click on it, to add your message in chat area
  8. Person 2, the sender, this is you, who is sending messages to receiver. Add as many messages as you want...
  9. Once you have created your own desired Instagram Chat, then just click on "Save" button to generate screen-shot of your chat, and to share it in college with online classes to teach your students.