How to create custom Instagram messages online?

Digital content marketing has been never easy. A decade ago, this term was not in discussion. But as of today its very common and without digital content marketing, any business can survive.

So marketing department need to move to digital platforms. But to train their staff they can not put them in real environment by investing money on advertisement. So zeoob provides social media simulators, which you can use to train your staff and students by creating marketing content without actually positing on social media. 

Create Instagram messages chat and generate screen-shots that looks like real Instagram chat. People use such simulators to Instagram messages simulator and generate their dummy marketing content. For this purpose, we developed such an ultimate Instagram Simulator which will help you to create Instagram chat with your words of desired messages.

Already know how to use? Lets use Online Instagram Messages tool …

create fake Instagram messages/chat
How to create fake Instagram messages/chat

Steps to follow:

Following are the steps that you need to follow;

  1. Enter message receiver name.
  2. Check-box, if you want to hide/show header of chat, which includes name and profile picture of message receiver person/
  3. Check-box, if you want to hide/show Instagram messenger buttons at the bottom. 
  4. Person 1, which is message receiver, whom you wanna send sms
  5. Upload profile picture of the person, whom you wanna send sms
  6. Type your message in the chat box
  7. Click on it, to add your message in chat area
  8. Person 2, the sender, this is you, who is sending messages to receiver. Add as many messages as you want…
  9. Once you have created your own desired Instagram Chat, then just click on “Save” button to generate screen-shot of your chat, and to share with your friends on Fackebook or download chat.

Now you have learned, Lets use Instagram Chat Generator …

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  1. Initially i usually used simitator, but came here on zeoob. Now never went back to simitator. Its far better than zeoob.

  2. Well i think you need to more improve you insta dm to sync with latest chat version of insta

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